No regrets in life

This may seem like a morbid post, but in fact, I think it’s inspiring. I don’t know where you sit on the spectrum of dealing with death, specifically you’re own, but after reading what Bronnie Ware uncovered, it made me think about life in the affirmative. As a nurse, Bronnie Ware spent...

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It’s All In Your Head Video

It’s All In Your Head

One of the reasons I’ve never been a big fan of labels is that they limit you. They close down the potential of possibilities. You are many things. You’re a sinner and a saint; a murderer and a monk. The entire world that you experience happens inside your head. Nothing exists...

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Does your life inspire you?

Let’s face it, staying inspired and motivated can be a full time occupation in and of itself. I mean, i’m in this business and everyday I have to tap into the well to remind myself why I do what I do. And part of staying motivated is being inspired. If your life doesn’t...

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Seen, Not Judged

You can listen through the Mixcloud app as well. Show Notes Experimenting with slightly different format than my normal personal development oriented podcasts. Let me know what you think. Here are the links mentioned in the show: Before you buy another self-help book check out this post...

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wisdom walks coaching

Wisdom Walk Coaching Sessions

Hey folks, if you haven’t experienced the inspiration and power of coaching in an outdoor environment, you’re missing out on a real treat. Coaching in the outdoors enables you to bring your mind, body, and spirit into play. You’ll not only receive coaching from me, but...

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All Eyes on Me

How do you know what to think? Better yet, how do you know you can trust what you think? Maybe “your own ideologies are beginning to fray at the edges, and you’re not certain which of your own heuristics to follow anymore.” Or maybe I’m thinking way too much for a Monday. If you do find...

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I Must Be Still Alive

“Why can’t I do this? I know what I need to do to get in shape, and I just can’t get myself to do it. I’ve yo-yo’d for years.” Oh how I hear that all the time! You are not a unique snowflake. I don’t think there is any magic formula for getting into shape. If there is one it’s this:...

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img_1433 Video

Reacquaint Yourself with Yourself

“Remember to proceed with self-love and self-acceptance at all times, as this is the only path to real and lasting change” – Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. Will you do as much as it takes, as long as it takes to achieve your ambitions?, asks Danielle LaPorte. Great question and one I ask...

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Which Way Is North? Video

Which Way Is North?

We’re closing down on the first full week of 2017. Most people have returned back to work. We’re all working on a new set of goals or New Year’s resolutions (hopefully). And already some of you might be finding yourself slipping. In fact, statics say that by the end of...

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