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Fired up for 2017

Are you excited for 2017? I am. On this podcast, I share some thoughts on a couple of techniques for keeping track of your process toward achieving...

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Trust the process

You’ve have to trust in the process, which takes mountains of patience, something I’m committed to working on in 2017.

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Is Lying Wrong?

Is lying wrong? Is lying always wrong? And how long can we go without telling even a (small) lie? These are some of the questions Clay and Sarah ask...

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Run with the Big Dogs

As I sit here having my morning cup of coffee, my mind slips back into the past. I remember when I showed up for my first day as a manufacturing...

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Do what you feel is right

If you’re putting off doing something because you fear you might be criticised, then don’t put it off any longer, because, you know what...


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