Choose Your Adventure

Wisdom Walks

Private 1-2-1 coaching outdoors. This is an intensive 60 - 90 minute session, over 2-3 miles of beautiful countryside.

Wisdom Walks are an opportunity for you to use the natural environment combined with the expertise of an experienced coach to gain new perspectives and fresh insights that will help you achieve your ambitions.

Actualise Your Awesomeness

Private 1-2-1 coaching online. 6 intensive one-hour sessions over 12 weeks.

During the 12 weeks, we will work together to design your dream, build a useful strategy, and reduce any blockers standing in your path.

Between the intensive sessions, you will also have unlimited email support.

Soulful coaching tempered with wisdom.


The Ascent Experience

Small group personal discovery program. Two and half days of intensive coaching, reflecting, and climbing.

Built around Joseph Campbell’s concept of the The Hero’s Journey, the Ascent Experience is a life-changing, small-group adventure that takes place in the incredible and awe-inspiring environment of Snowdonia.

The Ascent Experience will...

- Challenge you to stop and face what has held you back from living the life you desire

- Invite you to explore your values and align them with your goals

- Encourage you to create a vision that is both exciting and compelling

- Support you to achieve your goals in line with your values and vision

Are you ready to answer the Call To Adventure?


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