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Initial Coaching Session ( 1hr free)

In this free session we will explore what has been holding you back up until now. Why? Because the only way of moving forward is to be aware of the things that are holding you back. Think about it. If there was nothing holding you back right now, there would be no need for us to have a coaching conversation. The things you are aware of, you can control. The things you are unaware of control you. Being aware of what’s holding you back is going to make a HUGE difference in how we move forward.

“Well, I’m two thirds of the way through my coaching program with Clay and it has been transformative to say the least. Inspirational, exciting, exhausting and powerful. Every second is useful and I’ve made massive changes in my life. Can highly highly recommend Coach Clay.” – Aimee Mann

“I have worked with a lot of different coaches and Clay really blew my mind. It is relatively easy for a good coach to identify what you want to do, where you are going yet it takes a brilliant coach to help you identify how you get there and then get you to agree a clear, detailed action plan. Clay did just that yesterday – in a kind, compassionate and empathetic way while also challenging me.” – Sandra Kanfer Clarke

“Coaching is a gift, Clay has the gift and provides the right questions, thoughts and support. Thanks Clay” – Mike Trussell

I’m looking forward to helping you get results.

Coach Clay



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