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The Ascent Coaching Experience

“It was a fantastic journey and now I’ve had a day to reflect, am amused and deeply satisfied that I came back with results different from what I expected but so much bigger, better, deeper than I could have possibly imagined.” Will Izzard

A personal discovery weekend of intensive coaching, exploring, and reflecting that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Ascent is a very special experience that runs just six times a year with very small groups – to ensure that people who are ready to explore their potential and create the lives they want can work in a very exclusive environment with close support from talented, experienced Ascent coaches.

ascent5During the Ascent experience, you will work in a close group in a beautiful location, discovering what’s important to you and what you most want to achieve in your life. If you feel that circumstances and people have been slowly pulling you away from your true path, this is your opportunity to relearn what keeps you moving in the direction that is right for you.

You will climb Mount Snowdon, the mountain representing the most important goal in your life. Gravity will pull you back, like the whispers of doubt from all the people who try to keep you safe, stop you from taking risks and keep you where you are.

As you leave the ordinary world behind, you will spend the weekend crafting an extraordinary life for yourself. With a supportive group in a safe, relaxing and beautiful environment, you could achieve anything – if you’re ready to.

The Ascent program is an opportunity to seek out what is holding you back and what it is that drives you every day. Journey beyond your old fears, habits, doubts and disbelief to embrace a purer vision of inspiration and excitement. Undo self imposed limitations and start living the life you were born to live.i-will1

The Ascent experience is designed for very special people; people with dreams, people with the will and ability to achieve those dreams, people who are held back by fear, doubt or disbelief. People like you.

Great weekend, fab people and lots of inspiration. – Jenny Littlejohn

Staying in a luxurious hotel, from the moment you step over the threshold and leave the ordinary world behind, the only thing you have to give any thought to is yourself and what you want from your life.

The ASCENT experience will…

· Challenge you to stop and face what has held you back from living the life you desire

· Invite you to explore your values and align them with your goals

· Encourage you to create a vision that is both exciting and compelling

· Support you to achieve your goals in line with your values and vision


What will I learn during Ascent?

It’s a good question and one which many people ask. Ascent is not a training course, and whilst you have full access to a team of the country’s leading coaches for the whole weekend, it is not designed for you to learn anything in the traditional sense.

ascent2Ascent deals with one of the essential contradictions of life, that you can’t forget something by trying to forget it, and you can’t relax by trying hard to relax. After a certain point it has to be about letting go, about unlearning. Sometimes, you know more by learning less.

Ascent can only be experienced by absence – absence of doubt, fear and barriers. Freedom, the flow state, a sense of purpose, clarity are what we feel when there is nothing to feel, only pure purpose to be explored, destiny to be fulfilled and to rise to the challenge, the call of the mountain.

When you know you are on the right path, you know it will lead you to the right destination. Whilst we focus on your goals during the Ascent process, what you really discover is how to live your life in pursuit of those goals. You might arrive wondering what to do and leave knowing how to be.

So, what will you learn during Ascent? You will learn how to forget the things that have held you back. You will learn who you really are and what you have the potential to achieve. What you do with that is up to you.i-group4

How is Ascent different?

“You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember – all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.” – Morpheus, in The Matrix

Ascent was born from a unique concept, with unique exercises and is the only program like it running anywhere in the world. Ascent integrates powerful, insightful coaching with reflective exercises and the outdoor experience to bring mind, body and spirit together in a way that you will never have felt before.

Ascent was created by two of the country’s leading, innovative coaches, from personally transformational experiences.

You might have seen other coaching holidays; they all separate the environment from the coaching. With Ascent, the environment is the coaching. They promise that you will stretch yourself or that you will be able to craft your life. But their disjointed approach only leads to more doubt, more confusion, more questions.

Only Ascent is uniquely designed to help you find the clues, the clues that you need in order to find the answer. The answer to the question that has been running around your head for some time now.

So in the words of Morpheus, you can go on another stretching coaching holiday, take the blue pill and convince yourself that you are making progress. Or you can join us for Ascent, take the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes; what your true potential is; where the path really leads for you.

Ascent helped me discover a path I had neglected, ignored and was trying hard not to see. The mountain is a great teacher, helped by the guides who have been blessed by great insight. Ascent opened me up to a ‘most excellent adventure’.- David Nicoll


Ascent isn’t for everyone, though. As with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it, so if you are prepared to transform yourself then Ascent is for you. If you only want to scratch the surface of your potential and never discover the truly amazing gifts that lie within you, then a less transformational adventure holiday might suit you better. Many people just aren’t ready to be unplugged.

Ascent is only for you if you hear the call to adventure, if you are searching for an answer to a question you don’t understand, if you feel that there must be more to life, something more important that you are waiting for.

 “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way” – Dr Seuss

Jenny, Clay and the team of coaches work with you throughout the Ascent experience to help you find the insights, resources and inner strength that you need to succeed.

i-group7At all times you will be safe and in the company of people who are there to support and guide you. No technical climbing skills are required and you will never be asked to give more than you feel able to. You will climb at your own pace and you will achieve your own goal in your own way.

Ascent shows you the view from the top, where you no longer see the mountain but instead what the mountain reveals to you. The ancients believed that there was something called the mountain spirit – a spirit pf purity and isolation. Even though the Tao was everywhere, spiritual wisdom was too easily lost in the cares and consideration of the plains. In the isolation of the mountains, with the voices of the throng stilled, the whispers of the Tao could finally be heard. This was what the ancients called the mountain spirit… and it’s what we call Ascent.

The Ascent experience will…

· Challenge you to stop and face what has held you back from living the life you desire

· Invite you to explore your values and align them with your goals

· Encourage you to create a vision that is both exciting and compelling

· Support you to achieve your goals in line with your values and vision

The cost of the Ascent experience includes:

– 2 nights accommodation at a relaxing, luxury hotel in beautiful North Wales

– All meals (breakfast and dinner at the hotel, lunch at the mountain)

– Transportation between the hotel and the mountain

– Support throughout the weekend in a ratio of around one coach per three clients

– An experience that will enable you to achieve your greatest ambitions in life

Ascent will change your life, and you have to be ready for that. If you feel that your life is not going in the right direction and that you have dreams left unexplored then Ascent will help you find your way back on to the path.

How is Ascent unique?

Firstly, Ascent is not a team building activity. It is focused entirely on you as an individual and helps you to move beyond the barriers and limitations that stop you from fulfilling your potential.

Secondly, other outdoor adventure programs do not make the connection between the geography, your behaviour and your achievements, whereas Ascent is designed explicitly around this.

Thirdly, Ascent has been created by inspiring, experienced coaches who are focused on helping you to achieve your ambitions. There is simply no other program that has this combination of outdoor activity, reflection and coaching.


If you are ready to answer that call, ready for the adventure of a lifetime, we’re waiting to welcome you to Ascent.

If you’d like more information, please email us with your questions or to express an interest in taking part in the next Ascent.

Ascent Stories


Jason Flynn

In a number of ways the ascent weekend was symbolic for me. Symbols play a big part of my project coaching business; those objects and behavioural clues that provide a wealth of generative information about a situation.

On one level the Ascent weekend was symbolic as a metaphor for reaching my goals, reaching the top, reaching the peak of performance or career aspirations. In another way and more surprisingly for me it was symbolic as a gentle reminder that the path we choose for our big goals in life or the track we find ourselves on is just as important as the goal itself. What I mean by that is sometimes the peak or the goal is a bit of an anti climax as it was for me on Snowdon, particularly as it was cloudy and bucketing down when I reached the peak with a huge smile on my face! However the sheer exhilaration, sense of achievement, the fruitful coaching and non coaching conversations, the things you see, hear and feel on route are just as important as the end game itself.

The learning was infinite. A valuable lesson I think for anyone beginning a deal or project to deliver client value over a period of time. My memento from the trip is symbolically placed on my desk now and provides a great reminder as to what’s possible and a great living and valued memory with some great people. If our customers felt anywhere near like that about their client/supplier relationships then we would be evidently more successful! I say take a customer on Ascent! What’s stopping you?

Jason Flynn

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