The Ascent Coaching Model

The Ascent adventure coaching model is a transformational coaching model that re-enacts the mythological process of change. The model is based on Joseph Campbell’s book, A Hero of a Thousand Faces, in which he articulates the ancient process of the Hero’s Journey.

The Ascent Coaching model is designed to operate on three levels – the mind, body, and spirit – simultaneously. As these aspects of a person are interrelated, it makes sense then to treat the whole person. Ascent is a large scale experience that incorporates the natural teachings of nature coupled with the power of coaching.

The Ordinary World
The ordinary world is our every day life of routine. We establish these routines to make our lives efficient and functional. We reach a point where we no longer have to think about our thinking. We just execute the routine without ever really questioning anymore why we do what we do. The Ascent model reawakens the senses and challenges the way we think about things.

Call to Adventure
There comes a point when the ordinary world begins to suffocate who we are. We feel stuck in a quagmire. We begin to sense that there must be more to life than the routine. We begin to remember the dreams we once had, before life took over. And now we want that feeling back. We begin to hear the call. We long for something different. We want change. At this stage there is a danger that we might refuse the call. The Ascent model helps guide the person through this process and helps them to understand what is holding them back.

Crossing the Threshold
Change is not always easy. Stepping outside of our comfort zone or circle of experience is a scary proposition. We fear the unknown and how it might disturb the entrenched routine of our lives. The Ascent model helps reduce the anxiety of the unknown by helping people understand enough about themselves to have the confidence to know what to do when they don’t know what to do.

Tests, Trials and Challenges
Once we cross the threshold, we have to face the tests, trials, and challenges in pursuit of the goal we want. There will be many times along the trail when the prize does not seem worth the effort or pain. All our fears, doubts and disbeliefs transform themselves into monsters and dragons. The obstacles seem insurmountable. The Ascent model guides people through this process and provide them with a set of tools to slay their own dragons and monsters.

The Belly of the Whale
One of the presuppositions of coaching is that the client has all the resources they need with in them. But often they have forgotten how to access these resources. To regain access, they have to explore the inner landscapes of their mind to connect with their subconscious and find the answers they need. The Ascent model makes use of the Mandala to help people explore this region.

The Reward
By following the Ascent process, people learn something important about themselves and win the reward they have been seeking.

The Trail Back
Having won their reward, clients must return to the ordinary world. The ordinary world remains the same, but the client soon realises that it is they who have changed. And now that they have a better sense of themselves, the can share their gift with the world.


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