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Experimenting with slightly different format than my normal personal development oriented podcasts. Let me know what you think.

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Before you buy another self-help book check out this post The 7 Universal Life Lessons Contained in Every Self-Help Book Ever Written

Music track #1: ‘Yellow Dust’ – Mink

How neat would it be to have a friendship where you are heard, seen, validated, and not judged? Here are the secrets to a stronger friendship.

Your never to old to begin something new. Look what Masako Wakamiya did at 81.

Music track #2: ‘Heavy Step’ – Wilsen

Probably like us, you started your own business out of a sense of passion and desire to be your own boss doing the thing you love. But nobody told you how many different hats you were going to have to wear in order to build a successful business. And there are many hats!

In this episode, Tamryn Sherriffs and Clay Lowe tackle the issue that many entrepreneurs and small business owners face when dealing with digital marketing and that is where do you get the most value for your time? Should you spend more time on engagement – i.e. liking, commenting, and sharing? Or should your time be spent creating great content? Or since people hate being sold to but love buying things, should you spend your time (and money) creating an efficient sales funnel that gets your product or service into the hands of your customers in shortest space of time?

Meet Aimee Mann. She’s a mother of a child with special needs. On this podcast, she shares her story and reveals her motivations for setting up a support network for parents and families who have children with special needs and disabilities.

Here’s her story:


Are you excited for 2017? I am. On this podcast, I share some thoughts on a couple of techniques for keeping track of your process toward achieving your new goals for the year.


Optimized – Lifelogging and Quantified Self Improvement App

TracknShare – A Quantified Self Journal

Gym Hero Pro – Fitness Log & Workout Tracker

Moodtrack Diary: Social Mood Tracker & Mood Tracking Journal

My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder


Is lying wrong? Is lying always wrong? And how long can we go without telling even a (small) lie?

These are some of the questions Clay and Sarah ask each other and themselves in today’s podcast.

Our discussion includes:

* Is lying fundamentally/morally wrong? Is it wrong because it violates the other person’s autonomy by denying them access to the truth? Or is everything morally relative — lying included?

* The negative impact of lying – stress and cognitive dissonance

* Studies on how often people lie

* The difference between a Liar and a Bullshitter (as argued by Harry Frankfurt in On Bullshit)

* Why we might lie…

* How we might “speak our truth” more often…

What to think more about Lying?? Then for your reading pleasure…

On the potential health, stress and even career implications of lying, check out “Is Lying Bad for Us”, “What Lying Actually Does to Your Brain and Body Every Day” & “The Surprisingly Large Cost of Telling Small Lies”

For the moral implications of lying, “Is lying bad?” And if you really want to go deep into this, the very interesting paper by Harvard Student entitled “What’s Wrong With Lying?”

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I regularly touch base with people in my network to explore ideas and concepts and to share knowledge about what we’re finding out in the world in much the way we might have done back in the day sitting around a campfire. I love Tamryn Sherriffs’s spirit of exploration and the things she’s doing to break down the barriers in the learning and development space as well as cultural and racial barriers in her native South Africa.

I hopped on Skype to talk to Tamryn about the filters we use to view the world and create the content that we distribute across the Internet.


:42 Tamryn explains how she uses her vlog to provoke people to show up in a brave and daring way
2:00 Tamryn explains how meta messaging helps her spread her message
3:10 Clay explains the philosophy that underpins his role as a coach
4:19 Clay reveals that he is a player in his own play
5:09 Tamryn explains how she blends her message with how she lives
5:50 Clay shares the art of living aphorism he has used as a guide since leaving the army
7:10 Tamryn explains how she had to peel away the layers of traditional imprinting to become who she is now
8:50 Clay explains his vlogging style
9:39 Tamryn explains her vlogging style
10:49 Clay explains why he likes to create a dialogue with his viewers/listeners
11:15 Clay explains how he’s adopted Socrates’s approach to wisdom in his coaching and personal development work
13:14 Tamryn shares what projects she’s currently working on

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If you buy into the premise that you are the sum total of all the decisions you’ve made in the past, so every decision you’ve made in the past has led you to where you are standing or sitting reading this note right now.

With that in mind, the decisions that you make from this moment forward are going to affect your future self 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the road. So with your future self in mind, make decisions to make life easier for your future self. Be compassionate toward the you of the future.

Alright, so what are you going to do different today to set your future self up for success?


Are you looking for the path to success?

The I-Ching tells us that “it is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusions, that a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognised.”

The thing is though, many of us spend our energy entangled in our self-sealed comfort bubble that re-enforces our limiting beliefs. Beliefs that keep us safe, or at least gives us the illusion of safety. Inside our bubble we’re not forced to act, we only need to maintain our status quo. Change requires effort, effort that we tell ourselves we don’t have time for at the moment. We’ll wait ’till after the holidays, begin fresh with the New Year! I’m sure you recognise this pattern. The things is, you and I know there will never be a ‘right’ time. Something always comes up that helps us justify delaying taking any action. You’ll start next week right?

If you really want to make a change, you have to give yourself permission to act now. You don’t need anybody else to give you permission, that power reside with you. Your journey of a lifetime will begin with a single step.

The time is now.

Your path awaits you. Do you have the courage to walk it?

As I sit here having my morning cup of coffee, my mind slips back into the past.

I remember when I showed up for my first day as a manufacturing engineer at the General Electric plant in Philadelphia. There was this crusty old guy named Bubba. He took me under his wing. He had taken a liking to me because I was ex-military and so was he.

He had a multitude of colourful sayings like, “Don’t be running around here like a blue-assed fly!” But the one that has stuck with me the most is when he said:

“If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.”

It was his way of telling me that if I wanted to be successful at G.E. I couldn’t sit back and watch, that I had to put myself out there and not just follow the pack, but lead it.

How about you, are you staying on the porch or are ready to get out there and start running with the big dogs?

If you’re putting off doing something because you fear you might be criticised, then don’t put it off any longer, because, you know what, people are going to criticise you anyway – especially small-minded people.

Look, you can’t control what other people are going to think, so don’t let what other people think control you.

I know we all want to feel liked and accepted by everyone – especially by those close to us like our family and friends and peers, but you and I both know, that it’s highly unlikely that EVERYONE will like your ideas, or like what you’re doing. Or even like you!That’s part of the game of being human.

Besides, if someone criticises you, it’s probably more about them then it is about you. They criticise you because you’re not doing what THEY want, or you’re not doing it the way THEY would do it. In the nicest possible way, so what?!

Do what you want to do and let other people sort themselves out. Why hold yourself back for fear of someone criticising you. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do what you feel is right, for you’ll be criticised anyway.”

Ok, so what are you going to do today that you’ve been putting off doing out fear of being criticised?