Poetry is a fabulous means to explore our Higher Self or Soul Self. Like art, poetry can take you places mere prose cannot.

When I re-booted this site, I was going to leave the poetic stuff on my soulcruzer blog, but this week, I had a change of heart because the material I’ve been exploring encourages the use of poetry as a mystical tool for tapping into Source. Think William Blake or more contemporary, think Mark Nepo. In fact, it was stumbling upon Mark Nepo’s work that was the final push I needed to turn the verse tap back on and include it on this site.

In case I needed further nudging, out of the blue (of course, you and I know, there are no coincidences), I got a message from a friend asking me when I was planning on publishing a follow up to A Thousand Bullets Gone Astray.

And so, here we go…


I asked the question
I didn’t know I had.

You answered each time
without me knowing.

I kept searching
for an answer I already had.
You waited patiently for me to realise I
knew what I needed to know inside

I think of how much time has passed.
Did I waste what I had? (No)

My searching
was my journey to fulfil.

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