Coach Clay

My Street Cred

Former infantry officer. Graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point. 20+ years as a learning professional. NLP Practitioner, Clarity4D Facilitator, Certified High Performance Coach, Shamanic Practitioner trained under Simon Buxton, Taoist Shamanic Practitioner trained under Kris Deva North. In addition to all of that, a lifetime of self-study.

Hi I'm Clay Lowe,

a.k.a Coach Clay…

I’m a learning and development specialist. I’m also a coach, and a mentor, and a leadership facilitator. I’ve been in the game for the past 20+ years.

I work with individuals, businesses (especially entrepreneurs looking for an edge), company teams, and leaders.

I cut my teeth learning how to get the best out of people as a Combat Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army (I’m a much mellower character now). 

I won’t bite, but I will help you become the person you want to be in the most heart-centred and authentic way.

Coach With Me.

Maybe you feel lost…or maybe you feel like you’re stuck or in a rut…

Perhaps you’ve taken a long hard look at your current life and thought “I was meant for more than this…”

Maybe up until now, you’ve kind of ignored that quiet nagging voice inside that keeps reminding you were meant to live a more purposeful, fulfilling and joyful life, but somehow “real” life keeps getting in the way…

But now you’ve reached a point where you’ve said “enough is enough” and you’re ready to make a change and start living the life you want to live.

I can help you with that, as I’ve helped many others who were ready to change but not quite sure how to go about it or started making changes but hit a block – the same block they seem to hit every time they start to make a change…If this is you, let me be your coach.

How It Works.

Let’s work together. Let me help you unlock your true potential and move past the things that, up until now, have been holding you back from living a life of more meaning, purpose, and joy – quite frankly – the life you were meant to live.

I coach almost exclusively online using Zoom. Sessions last 1 hour (an hour full of breakthrough and power). We’ll use Voxer for any tweaks we need to make between sessions.

Here’s what my clients typically seek:

  • To move past the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from living the life they want to live.
  • To start a new career or do meaningful work.
  • To boost their confidence and motivation.
  • To live more purposefully – in tune with mind, body, and spirit.
  • To simplify their life, reduce stress, and be more in touch with their core self.

I’m game, if you’re game. Let’s do this!

If you want to have a quick chat first, drop me an email, and I’ll arrange a callback with you.


My Core Values

Freedom to Explore





Without values, what are we? These are the values that drive me, that motivate me toward achieving my greatest potential. 

Visual Vibes

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