Collaboration, dragons, and self-actualisation

With the majority of folks working away at home in self-isolation, unlocking the power of deep collaboration at work is needed now more than ever. It was hard enough when we were physically present with each other, now you can’t just walk down the hall to sort something out with the team.

Something I thought was interesting in a post by the folks over at Adaptivist is the holistic impact a collaborative culture brings to the workplace.

“Most of us need to have meaning and purpose in order to be happy at work. We want to spend our time adding value to a product, a team, an organization, and to ourselves. It’s a state of working harmoniously with others that enables this and helps create as much of a ‘joyous’ workplace as is possible.”

“When we walk away from our desks at the end of the day, a truly collaborative culture leaves us feeling like we’re better people, and even that we’re better members of society.”

Just how you build a culture like that in a remote workforce is the challenge leaders are facing now. It’s going to take a major shift in thinking.

Learning to be in isolation is becoming an art form all its own. Balancing out space in the home so as not to go too stir-crazy is where the art lies. Perhaps the best thing to do is to turn the lockdown into a productive time for self-care.

I was one of those geeks back in High School who played D&D or Dungeons and Dragons with a handful of my mates. I haven’t really played since I left my teens, but now seems a good time to dust off the old role-playing dice and spruce up my oral storytelling skills and engage the family in some fantasy role-play. I don’t have any of the Dungeon Master’s Guides, but last year, in a fit of nostalgia, I did track down a copy of Gamma World.

If dragons and swordplay aren’t your thing, check out this post Beyond Dungeons & Dragons: A guide to the vast, exciting world of tabletop RPGs. You’re sure to find something on this list that’ll spark your interest.

Think of it like this: role-playing games let you tell a collaborative story with your friends and family.

Like the old days of sitting around the camp-fire after a hard day’s hunt or harvest.

In periods of extreme uncertainty, as a leader, you have to be a pillar of strength for your people. Help bolster their sense of purpose and passion with clarity and confidence. Clear direction, effective time management, productivity, and not letting standards slip during this period will be key to making sure your business continues to thrive and make out the other side of lockdown.

Now is the time to self-actualise.

“While needs like shelter, food, and water are the most important pieces to survival, what comes once you have those things? What about when you want to not just survive but thrive, reaching your greatest potential?”

If you don’t have a face mask to wear in public, now is the time to get one or make one.

And if you haven’t notice, I’ve relaxed the entry requirements into the community. People can now join without needing a recommendation from another member. I want the barriers to entry to be as few as possible.


Clay April 9, 2020

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Clay April 9, 2020


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