Existential Crisis or Opportunity?


In today’s episode of the Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast, Clay and Sarah discuss the idea of the existential crisis.

Highlights include:

* Defining the Existential Crisis

* Tensions between our quest for meaning and the existentialist view of the meaningless, indifferent universe

* Five aspects of the Existential Crisis (check out the great youtube video from The School of Life ‘What is an Existential Crisis’)

* Potential positive aspects to the supposed ‘crisis’ of existential realisation

* Clay and Sarah’s own experiences in (constant) Existential Crisis 🙂

The idea of the existential crisis has long lived in pop culture. One of the best recent examples is the satirical book The Midlife Crisis (part of the Ladybird series for adults), which despite its humorous intent, actually begins with the crux of the truth:

“When we are young, we all dream of doing something wonderful and exciting with our lives.
What will we be? A cosmonaut? An underwater detective? A tommy gunner? A groin surgeon? Anything is possible. And then one day, it isn’t.”

Another article to check out is George Dvorsky’s “How to Cope with an Existential Crisis” which looks at this from a psychological point of view in terms of ‘Existential anxiety’.

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