Is Lying Wrong?


Is lying wrong? Is lying always wrong? And how long can we go without telling even a (small) lie?

These are some of the questions Clay and Sarah ask each other and themselves in today’s podcast.

Our discussion includes:

* Is lying fundamentally/morally wrong? Is it wrong because it violates the other person’s autonomy by denying them access to the truth? Or is everything morally relative — lying included?

* The negative impact of lying – stress and cognitive dissonance

* Studies on how often people lie

* The difference between a Liar and a Bullshitter (as argued by Harry Frankfurt in On Bullshit)

* Why we might lie…

* How we might “speak our truth” more often…

What to think more about Lying?? Then for your reading pleasure…

On the potential health, stress and even career implications of lying, check out “Is Lying Bad for Us”, “What Lying Actually Does to Your Brain and Body Every Day” & “The Surprisingly Large Cost of Telling Small Lies”

For the moral implications of lying, “Is lying bad?” And if you really want to go deep into this, the very interesting paper by Harvard Student entitled “What’s Wrong With Lying?”

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