What filters are you using to view the world?

I regularly touch base with people in my network to explore ideas and concepts and to share knowledge about what we’re finding out in the world in much the way we might have done back in the day sitting around a campfire. I love Tamryn Sherriffs’s spirit of exploration and the things she’s doing to break down the barriers in the learning and development space as well as cultural and racial barriers in her native South Africa.

I hopped on Skype to talk to Tamryn about the filters we use to view the world and create the content that we distribute across the Internet.


:42 Tamryn explains how she uses her vlog to provoke people to show up in a brave and daring way
2:00 Tamryn explains how meta messaging helps her spread her message
3:10 Clay explains the philosophy that underpins his role as a coach
4:19 Clay reveals that he is a player in his own play
5:09 Tamryn explains how she blends her message with how she lives
5:50 Clay shares the art of living aphorism he has used as a guide since leaving the army
7:10 Tamryn explains how she had to peel away the layers of traditional imprinting to become who she is now
8:50 Clay explains his vlogging style
9:39 Tamryn explains her vlogging style
10:49 Clay explains why he likes to create a dialogue with his viewers/listeners
11:15 Clay explains how he’s adopted Socrates’s approach to wisdom in his coaching and personal development work
13:14 Tamryn shares what projects she’s currently working on

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